Oskar Groening
Lueneburg: A 96-year-old German man, who is known as the “bookkeeper of Auschwitz”, and has been convicted to four years in prison as an accessory to the murders of 300 000 people in the Nazi death camp from May 1940 to January 1945, has failed in an appeal for clemency.

One-time member of the feared Waffen-SS, Oskar Groening had wanted to avoid jail for health reasons, but the Federal Constitutional Court rejected this claim, the public prosecutor in the northern city of Lueneberg, where the original trial took place, said yesterday.

Groening admitted at his trial that he had counted the money found among the belongings of prisoners at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in Poland and sent it on to the SS headquarters in Berlin.

Germany’s top court had already ruled at the end of last year that he was physically able to serve his prison sentence.

The public prosecutor’s office in Lower Saxony capital Hanover said it would immediately issue a summons for Groening to go to prison to start his sentence. - dpa