Albany Bakeries last week launched tamper-proof packaging for all their loaves in Pretoria. Pic : Jason Boud
Pretoria - To ensure consumers that their loaf of bread has not been tampered with, Albany Bakeries last week launched tamper-proof packaging for all their loaves in Pretoria, to be distributed across the country.

Albany marketing manager Tessa Meyer said they did receive a few complaints in the past about loaves being tampered with.

“It’s not a widespread problem but we took it very seriously, what we have had a few issues which is that people occasionally took bread slices out of the loaves from the store,” she said.

She said previously there were complaints on social media about people putting things in loaves of bread, and other brands as well.

She said the new packaging would give their customers peace of mind.

She said though the innovation was at a huge cost to them, they believed it would be of benefit to the consumer at the end of the day.

In the past rumours of fake bread being sold by Somalian traders made the rounds on social media. Meyer said they were aware of this and have investigated the matter and dealt with it accordingly.

“We normally deal with it on a case-by-case basis but we do take it very seriously and let consumers know that the bread is made in our bakeries and nowhere else,” she said.

Marketing director Lorraine de Graaff said the new packaging required changes at the bakery, which saw 68 machines put to the task.

“This is the first ever tamper-proof bread bag in South Africa and uses laser seal technology to ensure the bread is sealed,” she said.

She said packaging would include the new “Sealed with love” logo with the “new tamper-proof seal” image so that consumers could immediately recognise secure packs.

“This is an additional measure to ensure hygiene and product safety which is what our consumers have come to expect and Albany is always looking at ways to improve packaging and this innovation adds to the brand promise,” she said.

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