Caster Semenya
Caster Semenya is the latest athlete to star in a Nike advert that challenges the status quo.

The advert is a clear message to Semenya’s critics, who have been fixated on her sexual biology since her first victory at the age of 18.

The advert rewinds through her life, from her playing on a dirt road, to receiving international medals.

Semenya narrates the story with a series of questions: “Will it be easier for you if I wasn’t so fast? Will it be simpler if I stop winning? Would you be more comfortable if I was less proud? Would you prefer if I hadn’t worked so hard? Or just didn’t run, or chose a different sport? Or just didn’t love it? Or stopped at my first steps? That’s too bad, because I was born to do this.”

Semenya, who uses her social media accounts to challenge her critics, posted the advert, which is part of Nike’s 30th anniversary campaign. Reuters