Choirs get into the swing of things

By VIRGILATTE GWANGWA Time of article published Jul 12, 2018

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PAP (stiff porridge) was highly rated by some of the international visitors to the capital for the World Choir Games.

The Pretoria News caught up with participants who were relaxing at the World Choir Village ahead of the second part of the competition, and they raved about the country and its people.

American Takoma Academy Choral’s choirmaster Lulu Mwangi-Mupfumbu - who originally is from Kenya - said she and her choir were enjoying their stay in Tshwane.

“I feel right at home here and being able to get other people to experience Africa is just amazing.”

Most of the choir members said they enjoyed pap, which is on sale at the village along with other local specialities such as bobotie, boerewors, chakalaka, biltong and bunny chow. They learnt how to eat it using their hands, which they said was quite an experience.

“We have tried everything from pap to samp and boerewors,” she said.

The choir took part in yesterday’s Jazz, Mixed Choirs and Gospel/Spirituals categories as part of the open competition.

One of the choristers, Zoie Collins, said this was her first international competition, and she enjoyed the exposure to other cultures and the kindness of the people.

Anastasiya Reznik from Russia embraced African culture and was seen wearing an African print doek (head wrap) and earrings.

She said she had bought the doek at the village market and the vendor had helped her put it on.

“South Africa is a beautiful country and my friends and I love it here, it’s only positive vibes.”

She tried all the local fare, including biltong and masonja (mopane worms), which was interesting.

She said she tried out pretty much every South African food from pap to masonja and biltong, and the experience was very interesting for them.

Tuesday was a rest day ahead of yesterday, when competitions resumed.

The closing ceremony of the World Choir Games is on Saturday at 7pm for 7.30pm. It is hosted by mayor Solly Msimanga and is by invitation only.

The Choir Village is an initiative of Capital Collective. Its chief executive, Mareli Wassenaar, has appealed for financial assistance for the rest of the competition, as the village is privately resourced, with no funding aside from a R50 entrance fee.


Aula Theatre, University of Pretoria

Folklore with accompaniment - 11am and 7.30pm

Champions competition

Abernethy Hall, Pretoria Boys High

Mixed Youth Choirs - 10am

Open competition

Mixed Youth Choirs - 2.30pm and 7.30pm

Champions competition

Musaion, University of Pretoria

Mixed Chamber Choirs - 9.30am and noon

Open competition

Musica Contemporanea - noon, 3.30pm and 7.30pm

Champions competition

Opera, State Theatre

Pop Choirs - 2pm

Open competition

Pop Choirs - 7.30pm

Champions competition

St Alban’s Cathedral

Musica Sacra a cappella - 10.30am

Champions competition

Spiritual - 3pm

Open competition

Spiritual - 3.30pm and 7.30pm

Champions competition

ZK Matthews Great Hall, Unisa

Young Children’s Choirs - 3pm

Champions competition

Day passes cost R200 and are available at venues and the World Choir Village

Friendship Concerts

11:00: Menlyn Park - Central Court

15:00: Menlyn Park - Central Court

18:00: Menlyn Park - Central Court

11:00: Loftus Park

14:30: Loftus Park

17:00: Loftus Park

15:00: NG Universiteitsoord

17:00: Mamelodi West Community Hall

Celebration Concert

19:30: NG Universiteitsoord

For Friday’s programme, see tomorrow’s Pretoria News

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