Pretoria Central police are on the hunt for three men who robbed a security guard at the main gate of the Voortrekker Monument. Picture: Thobile Mathonsi/African News Agency (ANA)

Pretoria - Police are on the hunt for three men filmed robbing a 54-year-old security guard at the main gate of the Voortrekker Monument on Tuesday morning.

The suspects allegedly pounced on the guard early in the morning after a failed carjacking outside the nearby Fountains Valley around 1am.

The monument submitted video footage to the police, which purported to show the suspects allegedly hitting and kicking the security guard before robbing him.

Voortrekker Monument spokesperson Geraldine Paulsen said the suspects thought they broke the cameras but the monument records and loads its footage to the server in real-time.

“These crimes of robbery have been happening around this community. 

"This one in particular started outside Fountains Valley with the carjacking but when they couldn’t get the car started they brought their robbing spree to us.

“We haven’t had that many incidents around the monument because our security is very good. We are ready for them now and we will make sure they regret it if they come near the monument again,” said Paulsen.

Paulsen said the guard told the police that the suspects were not South African citizens based on his interaction with them.

“They broke the window of the gate office and stole the cash register and a computer screen. 

"They could not take the hard drive of the computer. 

"They also destroyed the camera at the main gate and took the personal belongings of the guard. Luckily he was not seriously injured.

“No cash is kept overnight at the gate offices or in any of the other offices of the Voortrekker Monument. The Monument will continue with normal business hours today and visitors will make use of the alternative entrance at the main gate,” Paulsen added.

Police spokesperson Captain Augestinah Selepe said a case of business robbery was being investigated and police will look into the collected evidence to help catch the culprits.

“While the suspects were in the process of breaking into the cashier room a security alarm went off and the suspects fled the scene. 

"They took the guard’s two cellphones, hand security radio and other items,” said Selepe.

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