THIS converted Mini Cooper bakkie is the loudest car in South Africa and second in the world with a closed sound pressure of 177.8 decibels.
Pretoria - Two car sound experts from Centurion have broken the South African record for the loudest car. Their Dr Decibel Car Sound Shop has also been named the loudest car sound shop in the world.

Jaco Pretorius and Michael Venter turned an old Mini Cooper bakkie into a record-smashing and heavy sound machine.

Having closed sound pressure of 177.8 decibels, they set a new national record this year at the International Auto Sound Challenge Association South Africa competition in Sibaya Casino in Durban.

Pretorius said it was breaking the world record for the world’s loudest car sound shop that drove everyone crazy. “Now that records have been made official, we're thrilled

“Although we built the loudest car in South Africa, globally we are still number two behind an individual who does not own a car sound shop. That’s what makes us the loudest car sound shop in the entire world

“We worked on this car for two years and it was a bit costly because we were in competition as individuals taking on big sound companies.

“The record for the loudest car in the world is held by an American friend, Scott van Riper, who clocked 181.5 decibels. If you ask me what’s next, I'll say it’s just to clock the 180 decibel mark.”

Pretorius said it was near impossible to build a car like that without the backing of big companies. “We took it to Willie Cronje fitted a steel frame, thick steel plates, 36mm bulletproof glass, wood and a bunch of other material to keep the pressure inside before fitting in four powerful 50kg speakers,” he said.

Pretorius founded Dr Decibel Sound Shop more than 10 years ago. His love for sound saw him gain a good reputation for installing sound for taxi drivers.

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