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Nkosinathi Kekana, the school bus driver accused of raping a 13-year-old learner in his kombi for two weeks was granted bail in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court yesterday.

Magistrate Marley Mokoena, granted Kekana, 29, R3000 bail, despite concerns by the community that he posed a threat if he was allowed to continue with his scholar transport business.

The victims father, said the only conditions attached to Kekana’s release were for him not to directly or indirectly contact the family and not come near to where they stay.

But the request submitted by state prosecutor Lazo Tshomela for Kekana to be barred from being directly involved in transporting for the duration of the matter against him was turned down.

Tshomela during the bail application on Thursday, pleaded with the court to request Kekana to find an alternative driver to transport the learners while he is dealing with charges against him.

A move Kekana’s legal representative said would place further strain on his clients mere R6000 profit.

And that would be as though the courts had already found him guilty without the trial even beginning.

The defence argued for the court to take into consideration that Kekana had no previous convictions or pending charges.

In addition that Kekana had handed himself in when he found out the police were looking for him.

"I deny the allegations against me and the state's case is weak as they won't be able to present objective facts on the matter. I plead not guilty of the rape," Kekana said in his affidavit read out in court.

Kekana for two weeks allegedly failed to take the 13-year-old to school, instead parking outside a school in Pretoria West and allegedly raped her at knife and gun point..

He then demanded the girl to take something of value from her home in order to cover the R500 her parents allegedly owed him.

Fearfully the girl gave Kekana her fathers cellphone valued at R18 000. Following which he then gave her R3000 with a fake letter from the school claiming it was prize money for outstanding school work.

The parents upon noticing the cellphone was missing and inquiring with the school about the money they learnt that the school knew nothing of the prize and informed them instead that their daughter had not been to school for two weeks.

A case was opened with the local police last week Friday and the arrest made on Tuesday.

“I think our biggest concern is the safety and wellbeing of our daughter and helping her prepare for her exams with all that is going on. But also for the safety of the other children he still transports,” the victims father said.

The matter was postponed to December 4, for allocation of courtroom.