Executive Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa could make way for EFF regional leader Moaferika Mabogwana, depending on the outcome of ongoing talks. Picture: African News Agency (ANA)
Pretoria - Stevens Mokgalapa’s days as executive mayor of the City of Tshwane could be numbered.

On Thursday, the EFF said it intended taking over the mayoral seat in the capital city.

This emerged during the EFF’s post-election media briefing, where commander-in-chief Julius Malema said the party wanted to run the metro through a power-sharing deal.

“We are sharing power in Joburg. We are sharing power in Tshwane. So how are we going to do it? Let’s do it in a manner that is not going to be disruptive,” he said.

Malema quashed suggestions that his party would pass a vote of no confidence in Mokgalapa. “If the DA refuses then these other options will come in, but so far we are talking and we don’t see any hostilities about the possibility of power sharing. We will have a mayor in Tshwane. The DA will have MMCs in Tshwane if they agree. They will have a mayor in Joburg and we will have the MMCs in Joburg.”

While Malema supported Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba because he was a thorn in the flesh of the ANC, he expressed no confidence in Mokgalapa, who took over from former mayor Solly Msimanga in February.

“I think even he himself knew very well that he is a caretaker. [And that] there is going to be election and every election comes with changes. There is no hostility.

“There is no motion of no confidence. There are no fights, there are talks about how do we share power since we come from elections.”

He said the mayoral candidate was going to be a leader of the EFF in Tshwane (Moaferika Mabogwana).

DA regional leader Abel Tau said ongoing talks between the two parties were at an early stage.

“It would be very early to pre-empt how those talks would come up because in the negotiations there are lots of factors to take into account,” he said.

While he said the DA would not necessary object to the EFF talks, Tau said the party still needed to explain what it meant by power sharing.

“They say they want power and that still needs to be explained and understood. Remember that we are the biggest supported party in Tshwane with 43%.

“I think it is logical to know that the people of of the captal have asked that they be led by the Democratic Alliance and it is a responsibility we take very seriously.”

He said the DA would welcome a move to formalise its partnership with the EFF, which has 25 council seats. The DA and ANC have 93 and 89 seats, respectively.

Tau said: “Coalition is the future of this country. It gives you confidence when there is an agreement on the table that you are partners. That is the nature in which this conversation will go.”

ANC regional spokesperson Bafuze Yabo said his party was not surprised by the development after the EFF previously indicated that it would take the mayoral seat.

He said the ANC didn’t have any business with the marriage arrangement of the DA and EFF. “Ours will be to keep an eye on developments as they appear. Unfortunately, we don’t form part of the contract they would have between themselves,” Yabo said. 

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