Phillipa Erasmus, the new principal of Pretoria High School for Girls.
Pretoria High School for Girls will welcome a new principal from August 1.

Phillipa J Erasmus - an alumnus of the school - takes over the position from Karen du Toit, who announced her retirement after a 29-year-long association with the school.

Erasmus has 33 years of educational experience in both the classroom and administration, and sees as the highlight of her career the transformation of Carleton Jones High School in Carletonville from an average community school, in an extremely conservative community, to the top-ranked school in the district.

To achieve this she created and ran the Carleton Jones Centre of Excellence in maths, science and English.

Her most recent position was as deputy principal of Cornwall Hill College high school, where she was also head of boarding.

Having spent many years in deputy positions, learning what makes a good school an even better one, Erasmus believes there is no better place to realise her ambition of being a principal than at Pretoria High School for Girls, her alma mater.

As an Old Girl she values the sense of tradition at the school but she also understands the dynamic of a modern school. She hopes to make every girl and staff member at the school feel valued and achieve unity and pride in the school.

Already one of the top-ranked schools in the province, she hopes to see it achieve greater heights in all spheres. - Staff Reporter