WHILE regular Gautrain users managed to squeeze into the train during the early hours of the morning, other commuters were left standing outside stations across the city as the strike by the service provider employees officially kicked in today.

The strike by employees of the Bombela Operating Company (BOC), the operating company of the Gautrain, went ahead as anticipated.

This after last minute efforts to negotiate a wage increase over the weekend failed to bring about an amicable solution.

In stations across the city security personnel locked the entrance doors after 9am and turned away commuters informing them there would be no servicee.

Numerous people who were given the news stormed off visibly upset, while others loitered around the entrance trying to find alternative transport to get to their destination.

While some thought negotiations would end up on a positive note, the majority were left puzzled by the lack of service.

Nthwaleng Molapo, a student hoping to catch the Gautrain in time for her lecture, said she heard of a strike looming but did not think it would be this soon.

Molapo, said she was hoping and praying she could come up with a solution, as she had never used other forms of public transport before.

“I’ve never used a taxi before, I wouldn’t even know where to get off. To top it off Johannesburg isn’t the safest place.”

She added: “I’ll just have to start learning how to get around in taxis because I can’t afford to use an Uber for such a far trip.