The R37 340 drinks bill incurred by 'slay queens' at a club in Nelspruit.
One of many questions that emerged after video footage trended from the weekend of the so-called “slay queens” being abandoned with a R37000 restaurant bill was: How will they eventually pay?

The women appeared to have been left by a companion with a bill of R37340 in the video taken at Zero13 Lifestyle Club in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. On Tuesday, the club urged people to refrain from sharing the video dubbed “slay queen bill”. The slay queens themselves denied any drama.

The statement posted on their Facebook page said: “Zero13 would like to formally address the rumours going around on social media about the bill. The stories are completely untrue and fabricated; the bill was paid and there were no issues as implied.

“We would like to ask people to refrain from reposting or posting these stories as they are unfounded and far from true.”

Management apologised for the misunderstanding that arose from the incident.

Back to the video that left everyone on the edge of their seats since it started circulating on Sunday: one of the trio is heard asking “Are you aware of the bill?”

Another has a look of concern on her face, while a third holds a bottle of cider, seemingly unaware of the amount. And then the bill comes into focus, with the most expensive item on it a bottle of champagne, which cost R25200. There was also a bottle of Glenfiddich at R3200, Hennessy brandy for R1000 and about R5000 worth of ciders. At the end of the video, a voice is heard screaming: “I still need to pay the bill!”

Shortly after Black Twitter reared its humourous head around the video, one of the women tried to clarify the rumours.

“Lol, the bill was fully paid out, the R100 being called out had nothing to do with the bill. We were invited to drink and got paid to drink.”

However, her post raised more questions. The women were made objects of ridicule, with others saying it served them right.

The video received huge recognition. Tweeps even awarded it a Black Tweeter Award of the week, and the identity and pictures of a man were shared, as the one behind the ditched ladies. He was praised for the “embarrassment” he caused the apparent “gold diggers”.