A combination picture of some of the #ICUpose pics from social media. Picture Facebook

Rudzani Matshili

IF you are active on social media, then you definitely know about the latest controversial trend called #ICUchallenge otherwise the #ICUpose. 

Basically, the trend mimics or stages what transpires when someone is in the Intensive Care Unit. People have taken to different social media platforms to post pictures with objects and substances like irons, laptops, alcohol bottles, fabric softener bottles, gas tanks and more, creating the ICU atmosphere.

A normal ICU room would have a pulse oximeter attached to a patient’s finger, arterial lines, swan-ganz catheter, chest tubes and more. But those who have participated in the challenge, put  white earphones on their nostrils as a nasojejunal tube, they use a white A4 paper with lines drawn on it as a monitor, irons are used as defibrillator devices. Some have gone as far as bandaging their forehead with tomato sauce spread on the bandage.  The pose has been trending since last week. 

The trend has received both positive and negative feedback from the public. For Vanessa Moatshe, who was involved in a car crash two years ago and almost did not make it, the trend added salt to her wounds she said on Facebook: “I’m truly failing to find what is funny about this challenge, to think that I almost lost my life in a car accident two years back, this is just taking me back to the time I was in ICU.”

Sibusiso Sweet-Wandie Ntimane also did not find pleasure in the trend. 
“The ICU pose that you rocking now, don't worry the same way it is hurting people who have their loved ones lying in ICU will be the same way it will ring a bell in your head one day when it’s your mother or father's turn to be in ICU keep calm your day will come,” he wrote on Facebook. 

“This ICU pose is an insult to society, as you are busy posing like you are in ICU, there is actually someone out there who isn't sure if she/he is going to make it out of it, their loved are crying,” Serame Ntseare wrote. 

However Twitter user @T Måñ-Sõûl SA saw nothing wrong with the pose and thought social media is all about having fun. “Those People whom are against any funny (Dead Pose/ICU Pose) thing on Facebook they think they have a PHD in Maturity. Social Networks are all about having fun, and those trending posts are part of fun!!! What are you on Social Media for?,” he questioned.

Vuyokazi Myolwa said: “ICU pose must continue we're enjoying,” with three laughing emojis. 
The pose becomes the latest trend to spark controversy on social media, the other one was the #deadose, where people posed like dead people. Mpho Nakampe Manyama: “#ICUpose is more hilarious than #Deadpose.”