President Jacob Zuma celebrated with his supporters after he survived a no-confidence motion in Parliament on Tuesday, but more than 20 ANC MPs did not vote to protect the president and this shows a party whose house may be on the threshold of a new era. Picture: ANA PICTURES

THE ONLY time I agree with President Jacob Zuma is when he says or sings; “inde lendlela esiyihambayo”, which means, “this road we’ve embarked on is long”. I did not want Zuma to be removed on the eighth day of the eighth month due to the sixth motion in Parliament of no confidence. That would have made the road we are embarking on shorter.

Here are the eight reasons.

1. Maturity of our democracy:

The ANC has made it possible to test the strength of our democracy. So far the country has confidence in its constitutional governance. We have witnessed the independence of the judiciary, once again showing us that the constitution is the supreme law. That is progressive, and it is all thanks to the shortcomings of the ANC leadership.

2. The lack of a moral fibre in ANC MPs:

I have once again witnessed how the ANC is made up of a bunch of loyal individuals who have evidently misplaced their loyalty. A lot can happen in five years, more can happen in 23 years of governing. Sadly, familiarity breeds complacency. Yet again, they chose one man over the country’s well-being. Your positions as MPs are temporary and history will forget you just as quick as the wilderness will be your home. Because there will be a post-Zuma regime come 2019. That motion was more than just about the ANC being taken out of power - it was about the repositioning of our leadership as a country that is in dire crisis.

3. The 2019 electorate is made up of a lot of young people who are ahistorical:

That the ANC liberated us from apartheid will be the most irrelevant manifesto campaign. It has been used since Jesus was still entering Jerusalem riding a donkey. The loyalty of the born-frees is not to what you promise but to what you deliver.

At the helm of it; it is the many black poor children at places like where I come from, Pankop, who were hopeful that by 2016 fees would fall and the stress of not having money to go to university would be a thing of the past. But sadly it will be one of the critical and sad realities that will make them vote for anyone but the ANC.

It is about the free wi-fi, the lack of job creation that has been one of the greatest challenges of the ANC-led government.

4. There is a lack of young blood in the ANC’s top leadership:

Young leaders are not Twelebs and Falebs. They are people who are championing the rights and needs of young people. The irrelevance of the ANC is also highlighted by the lack of young leaders in the forefront. Where are the ANC Malemas and Maimanes? The lack of relevance is going to be another nail in the coffin of the ANC.

5. The ANC-registered members are not the reason why the ANC is in government:

Members of the ANC are just over a fraction of the 11 million voters who got the ANC to win the 2014 elections.

You will realise, come 2019, that the support for the ANC was because the people genuinely believed the ANC’s majority rule was still the best outcome for their benefit.

They are not members, so their support can and will sway in a different direction to that of the ANC.

6. The falling of our country rests on leadership:

The word comrade is used a lot in political leadership, and perhaps it is used too loosely for many to understand what it means. The comrades or alliance to the ANC are not for the ANC or for what the ANC is for, they are against what the ANC is against. It looks like the days of enjoying camaraderie are numbered. Because the ANC leadership is appalling. As Upton Sinclair said, “it is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it”.

Nobody wants a weakling for a leader. Unfortunately the ANC has reduced itself to such low levels.

7. The ANC will defeat the ANC:

It is no secret that many South Africans are scared to vote for an alternative party to the ANC, but as our democracy moved from being a toddler to being a teenager, opposition parties have become relevant and viable. However, the ANC pretends or is ignorant to the fact that the 25-year-old adult democracy of South Africa is free enough and wise enough to know that the ANC isn’t the only option. The ignorance of the ANC will be its death.

8. You are a president with nine political lives:

The president did not believe anything he uttered in his thank you speech to the ANC supporters who were gathered in Cape Town. Your political life was almost taken away from you. That could have opened South Africa to a new dawn, but like the cat you are, it would have been an incomplete tale of your lives.

You are not going down alone. Your last life will end, marking the end of your political reign when the ANC is not voted for by the "overwhelming majority".

You are a laughing man, so, you will best understand this; “he who laughs last, laughs best”. You will not be the one laughing last. The road to 2019 is exciting, it bears hope for regime change, but most importantly, it is long.

Kabelo Chabalala is the founder of the Young Men Movement. Email,[email protected]; Twitter, @KabeloJay; Facebook, Kabelo Chabalala