Street vendor Amos Makwe selling eggs in the Pretoria CBD just before most businesses close and most people leave for holidays. Picture: Bongani Shilubane/African News Agency (ANA)

Informal traders in the city centre revealed that they have already started feeling the pinch in sales as people have left for the the festive season.

Christmas holidays are taking customers away from these small business owners who trade in and around the CBD’s busy streets and Church Square.

They said this was their life and way of making a living so they didn't enjoy the fact that most of their customers headed for the highways to commence trips to holidays destinations.

Armando Chauke pushed a trolley around the streets on Church Square, selling corn to people resting under the shade of buildings.

“When people start leaving for Christmas holidays it gets very lonely and quiet here in town and we lose business. Already there are not many people coming to town because a lot of businesses are closing.

Jeffrey Mponde said he recently started selling vetkoek in the CBD because his workplace closed and he needed to make extra income.

He thought he could take advantage of the fact that people were in a good mood and wanted to buy things for themselves and their children.

Amos Makwe said: “I sell boiled eggs to people going to the shops and so far business is going well. 

"People are stopping me to buy and that’s good for my business. I love what I do because the eggs tray is not heavy so I can walk around until the eggs are sold out. 

"However, as we head towards Christmas I will boil a smaller amount of eggs because there will be fewer customers.”