Chief Khoisan SA has been leading the group camping at Union Buildings since last year, demanding to speak to President Cyril Ramaphosa. Thobile Mathonsi African News Agency (ANA)
Pretoria - It may seem like fun to camp out at the Union Buidings, but this is not the case for Chief Khoisan SA.

According to the leader of the Khoisan group which has been camping there since last year, they did not take the need to source donations from tourists kindly.

He said he had been criticised by people, some of whom were Khoisan; but they did not understand the struggle he was involved in.

“We will camp here until President Cyril Ramaphosa heeds the demands of my people," he insisted.

“We only take donations because we need to eat and drink to survive. (But) this is not a fun place to live.

“Sometimes our tents get blown by the wind and we end up sleeping on the grass," he said. Despite these conditions, they refuse to give up.

The group put up a sign at the site reading “as of April 1, no person is allowed to call anyone coloured”.

The chief and his wife Queen Cynthia started their journey in 2017 when they delivered a memorandum at the Union Buildings. They want to be recognised as the first nation of South Africa, their language made official and for land to be returned to their people, he said.

“This is why we are saying those who think we are just having fun and receiving donations do not understand how big this is. We are not enjoying being here, but we will not give up until (President) Ramaphosa meets our demands.

“We want the government to totally scrap the word ‘coloured’ from its documents. There is a case that will be heard in the Cape Town High Court on October 24 about this issue," he said.

“Our mission is bigger than these donations we receive. Our utmost goal is to see Ramaphosa sit down with representatives from all the five tribes of my people - Nama, Koranna, Griqua, Cape Khoi and San - which language or languages they want to be made official.”

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