Klippies the dog survives two snake bites

By Oarabile Letsebe Time of article published Jan 11, 2019

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Dog lover Ronald Heath sings praises for his 5-year-old dog Klippies after the dog survived two life threatening snake bites in two years and a skin infection.

Heath says dog Klippies nicknamed “funny guy” is a funny and bubbly dog to have around. 

Heath who lives in Cullinan said on November 13 2018 when he arrived home with his wife he was surprised when he was approached by his other dogs but Klippies was not there. 

He said he immediately suspected that something was wrong.

Heath said: “when my wife got out of the car she noticed a dead Puffadder”. 

Heath said when they found Klippies he was lying down with his head swollen and his breathing was rapid and slow.

He added that when he called the family Vet the Vet said the chances of Klippies surviving were minimal, they were referred to Valley Farm Hospital and upon their arrival at the hospital in Pretoria East, the Vet told them that had they not arrived on time he would be dead.

Klippies was put on a ventilator and given three shots of anti-venom and he was also put on a drip. 

He was released two days later from the hospital. 

He said shortly after being discharged from hospital his skin began to harden on the left side due to the infection. 

He said during the following month his nine dogs including Klippies killed another snake.

Heath said that Klippies had been bitten twice by different snakes, the first time he was bitten was by a Mozambique spitting cobra in April of 2016 and at the time Kilppies was left with a swollen head and neck but he quickly recovered.

Heath said “medical costs for animals are expensive, but if you decide to buy a dog you must protect those dogs because they warn us when our lives are endangered.” 

Heath said since last September they had killed five snakes in their yard

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