Lebogang Botolo is wanted by Sunnyside police.

Pretoria - Sunnyside police are on the hunt for Lebogang Botolo after she abandoned her three-week-old baby girl in a handbag on a sidewalk in the area earlier this year.

The police found the three-week-old baby girl in a handbag on Jorissen Street in Sunnyside on 21 January. 

Sunnyside police spokesperson, Captain Daniel Mavimbela, said just after the baby was found in morning, police have been searching for Botolo, 35, as part of their ongoing investigations. 

Mavimbela said police attempts to find her were for her to assist them in the child neglect investigation.  

He said after months of investigation, they had taken the decision to issue a warrant of arrest for Botolo on 19 March. 

She is to face charges of child neglect for dumping the child. 

Mavimbela said the child was admitted to the local hospital and kept for observation for a week and a half initially.  

She was then transferred to the Social Services department to be sent to a place of safety. 

He said despite the ordeal the little girl had gone through at the beginning of her life, she was a "bubbly" baby and seemed healthy. 

“We went to visit the child at the place of safety and we’re happy to see that she is growing and very happy despite everything.”

"Anyone who could possibly know of the whereabouts of Lebogang Botolo should contact warrant officer Gerard Henning of the SAPS Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit on 071 675 7489 or contact the nearest police station," said Mavimbela. 

Parents who do not wish to keep their newborn babies are encouraged to utilise the two "baby bins" available at all times at the corners of Spuy and Vos street, and another at Steve Biko and Jorissen Streets. 

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