Jub Jub will be the host of Moja Love's new show Uyajola 9/9. Picture: Instagram

Pretoria - The debut episode of Jub Jub's new reality show Uyajola 9/9 finally airs this coming Sunday and Mzansi men are quaking in their boots.

Now, if your relationship has slammed into the rocks and you suspect it has everything to do with cheating, the show exposes that.

Just like any version of Cheaters, Uyajola, serves to expose infidelity in relationships and the dramatic confrontations take place on TV, for the whole world to see.

While female tweeps made humour about their anticipation for the show, some men took to social media to express how dreadful they are.

The show became the talk of social media from the moment its hectic teaser was shared last month. 

Chaotic scenes can be seen as people were caught out by their partners on the teaser. 

The series assists the complainant with emotional support once they had gathered evidence to support them. 

The show will air every Sunday on DSTV'S Chanel 157, Moja Love at 9pm. 

Here is what people have been saying ahead of the show: