Moeketsi Mosola
Pretoria - Tshwane city manager Dr Moeketsi Mosola was today expected to come under fire from councillors, for skipping a Municipal Public Accounts Committee meeting a week ago.

At the meeting, he was expected to account for the Auditor-General's (A-G's) adverse findings made against the City in January.

The meeting was scheduled to reconvene today, after a unanimous decision by political parties to postpone it the last time around due to the city manager’s absence.

Councillors are expected to reprimand Mosola for failing to honour the meeting at Sammy Marks Council Chamber, where they refused to continue without him. At the time, Mosola had appointed chief financial officer Umar Banda to represent him.

However, angry councillors took a swipe at him for undermining the committee’s work to scrutinise performances of municipal top officials.

The meeting had been convened in the wake of the A-G report, which declared as irregular the awarding of a tender to engineering consultancy company GladAfrica, which has since been terminated.

The report was part of the annual municipal audit report, to come under scrutiny at the meeting.

The audit report had been a subject of the public consultation agenda since its release.

Mosola sent an apology, saying he was asked by executive mayor Stevens Mokgalapa to attend another meeting, where finalisation of the GladAfrica contract was to be discussed.

However, the apology was deemed unacceptable by councillors, who shared sentiments that attendance at committee meetings take priority.

ANC councillor Oscar Mathafa, who led the party caucus, said it was true that the meeting was called off after parties expressed displeasure regarding Mosola’s absence.

He said although Banda’s presence was appropriate, councillors believed there were specific questions Mosola needed to field and answer.

Mayoral spokesperson Norman Mohale said Mokgalapa, who was at the meeting, had assigned Mosola to attend to a “specific function”.

He said Mosola submitted his apology in writing and informed the committee of a person to represent him.

The committee was, however, unhappy with the representative, according to Mohale.

He said: “The leader of City business Richard Moheta was contacted and the city manager was phoned. The city manager said he was happy to abandon what he was doing and attend the meeting, but the executive mayor said “go ahead with the meeting”.

“The city manager’s other engagement ended at 2pm but, unfortunately, at that particular point the committee meeting had already collapsed.” EFF regional leader Moaferika Mabogwana, who was not part of the meeting, said: “Let me check the facts first so that I can respond accordingly.”