Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa hands a cheque to Winny Molokomme of the Tshedimosetso Community Development in Hammanskraal. Picture: James Mahlokwane

Pretoria - The City of Tshwane cannot reach and help every citizen struggling with drug addiction and other social challenges but through the help of non-profit organisations (NPO), it's possible.

This remark was made by a proud mayor Stevens Mokgalapa who gave over R20 million to 12 NGOs at Tshwane House .

Mokgalapa said the City put these organisations through “a very strict, professional and random” selection process before funding them to continue doing the great work they’ve been doing on the ground.

These organisations received various amounts after City of Tshwane representatives physically visited all of them to ensure that they actually exist and do the work. 

Their needs were assessed and extensive evaluation of the critical work they’ve been doing in their communities was done.

Mokgalapa said: “We’ve given away about R20.3 million to these 12 NPOs who will be assisting us with various programmes of drug addiction and substance abuse awareness in Tshwane. If you recall in my State of the City address I earmarked R35 million to assist us in the fight against drugs and substance abuse. 

“We have a serious problem with nyaope and we have a serious problem with this bluetooth method of consuming this nyaope. We have all types of problems in our townships and also here in areas like Sunnyside. 

These NPOs are here to assist to ensure that we address this problem.

Mokgalapa did not hold back telling members of the NPOs to go and ensure that the funds are used for the right purposes and not for the pockets of board members. He said all this money was going straight to the organisations and nobody should ask them for 10%. 

“On a three monthly bases we will be going to assess progress in these organisations. I personally I will see after a year the improvement that they’ve made and the work that was done throughout the year.”

Winny Molokomme from Tshedimosetso Community Development said the monies would help the organisation reach more people struggling with drug addiction and substance abuse in Hammanskraal. 

“We also do skills development and train our people in the community to be employable by giving them skills to help in the workplace. This investment in us is a direct investment in the betterment of our community,” she said.

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