MAYOR Steven Mokgalapa, MMC for Utility Services Abel Tau and other municipal staffers during the second phase of accelerated service delivery programme in Atteridgeville. Oupa Mokoena African News Agency (ANA)

Pretoria - Illegal dumping continues to be a major problem in most communities in Tshwane, mayor Stevens Mokgalapa said yesterday.

Mokgalapa was speaking during a visit to Atteridgeville, where he embarked on the second phase of his accelerated service delivery campaign.

He said the second phase entailed overseeing if service delivery challenges identified during his previous visits had been rectified.

“It is different in the sense that there are things that I have done in the first phase, which I am going to go back and see if they had been rectified. For example, when I came to Atteridgeville, illegal dumping was one of the issues raised with me.”

He suggested that the solution to illegal dumping would require a paradigm shift on people from the townships. “We collect waste today in a particular street, and when you go there the following morning, you will find the same rubbish.”

He said residents must take responsibility of taking care of their environment. “As an environmentally friendly City, we want to keep our metro clean,.”

During the visit, the mayor encouraged municipal workers who accompanied him to roll up their sleeves and cut the grass, fix potholes and mark roads. “We also assess some of the projects that we had to see how they are, in terms of implementation. It is a dual process of doing oversight as well as doing basic service delivery,” Mokgalapa said.

He also visited a municipal power supply depot, which was torched by angry community members recently.

“It was vandalised last week by criminals and that had nothing to do with service delivery. Why would they burn a depot which is supposed to service them in terms of electricity?”

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