Delhi Environment Minister Imran Hussain
New Delhi: In order to deal with air pollution in the city, the Delhi Cabinet yesterday approved a proposal to provide financial incentives to industries and eateries using environment-friendly fuels.

The proposal of the Environment Department also includes 50% subsidy of the cost or maximum subsidy of Rs5000 (about R1000) per tandoor, whichever is less, to the eateries for replacing or conversion of their coal-based tandoors with electricity or gas-based tandoors with effect from April 1.

“To fight against pollution, the Delhi Cabinet today approved: Subsidy for use of electric or gas tandoors in place of coal tandoor and also incentives to industries for switching to PNG,” Delhi Environment Minister Imran Hussain said in a tweet.

It also includes up to Rs one lakh subsidy for industries which switch to Piped Natural Gas (PNG).

“Grant of Rs50000 to small industries and Rs one lakh to large industries to be provided as per the definition of Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), in Approved Industrial Areas in Delhi and Redevelopment Industrial Areas for switching over to PNG,” said a statement from the government.

For the overall implementation and monitoring of the scheme, the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) will be the authorised agency, it said. IANS