Bronkhorstspruit hit by water outage for a week

Cape Town 170811- Dripping water from a tap in Dunoon .The city of Cape Town has urged people to save water. Picture Cindy Waxa/Reporter ANA

Cape Town 170811- Dripping water from a tap in Dunoon .The city of Cape Town has urged people to save water. Picture Cindy Waxa/Reporter ANA

Published Jun 19, 2024


After spending a week without running water due to a burst pipe some residents in Region 7 were on Tuesday left disappointed when the piping system installed at the Zithobeni reservoir rejected the couplings system because of the water pressure from the reservoir.

The affected residents in Bronkhorstspruit, Zithobeni, Ekangala and Rethabiseng were told that the couplings used for joining pipes to the reservoir had stretched and blasted shortly after the repairs were done.

They were promised by the City of Tshwane that the water supply would start trickling in some households Monday night.

Ward 105 councillor Kgaugelo Phiri said: “It is bad but because we are communicating what is happening it settled their nerves a bit. But we have challenges with the water tankers. The mood generally on the ground is that it is frustrating to go without water days.”

Phiri said residents were forced to go for seven days without water and with a limited number of water tankers. “Only a few water tankers have been dispatched and the number is not the usual number of water tankers that we get when we have a crisis like this. We are given a few water tankers.”

He said the piping system blasted shortly after it was repaired on Monday night, “After it was replaced it burst again and I don’t know if they used the wrong material or they followed the wrong procedure for replacing it.”

The City issued a communique that it would undergo maintenance last week.

“We thought it was going to be a one-day work but it ended up taking the whole week,” Phiri said.

On Monday, the City posted on its social media platforms: “Important update on Bronkhorstspruit reservoir pipe repair: Technicians have successfully tested one pump, indicating water restoration for Bronkhorstspruit, Zithobeni, and affected areas by midnight. Ekangala and Rethabiseng low-lying areas will start receiving water as reservoir levels rise, with high-lying areas to follow once both pumps are operational. Thank you for your patience as we work to restore full service.”

The City was yet to respond to questions related to water restoration by the time of publication.

However, on its X account on Tuesday it said efforts were under way to drain and install a new system: “The city shares your disappointment and hopes for swift action to restore water supply in the affected areas. Water tanker services will continue to be available. The city apologises for the inconvenience caused.”

In March some residents embarked on protests over water outages that plagued the area for weeks due to a pump breakdown at the Bronkhorstspruit Water Treatment Plant.

At the time the City said it was erecting a new fence around the plant to better secure the plant and prevent access to saboteurs and arsonist.

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