City converting prepaid meters to avoid power outages after November 24

Controversial prepaid electricity meters where thousands were installed in and around Johannesburg.334 Picture: Matthews Baloyi 7/11/2012

Controversial prepaid electricity meters where thousands were installed in and around Johannesburg.334 Picture: Matthews Baloyi 7/11/2012

Published Jun 10, 2024


The City of Tshwane has started ramping up a process for re-coding customers’ prepaid electricity meters in order to align them with the new system called STS2, before the expiry of the old system on November 24.

Customers whose prepaid meters are not converted to the new system might find themselves in the dark as the system will not accept their vouchers to top up their electricity.

This message was shared by Tshwane Mayor Cilliers during the official launch of the much-anticipated electricity prepaid meter Token Identity System (TID) rollover in Eldoraigne, Centurion in Region 4 this week.

“Region by region the City of Tshwane is going and converting the backend of these prepaid electricity meters to STS 2 and that is just simply the new system,” he said.

Explaining how the conversion to the new system works, he said: “When you buy electricity either your slip or the message you get on your phone will generate two key changes and then you will have to put those changes into your meter in order to open the gate to STS2 and from there your meter will work beyond November 24. If there is any technical issue we will also be communicating the details of a team going around and assisting.”

The current prepaid meter software known as Standard Transfer Specification (STS1) is set to expire on November 24, 2024. The meter software, the City said, has to be configured from STS 1 to STS 2 in order for the prepaid meter system to continue to function beyond November 24.

Municipal spokesperson, Selby Bokaba, said:“The City began the rollover process last month in Region 2 and will continue to fast track the transition to a new system before the expiry period of the current system. In simple terms, a consumer purchases electricity at a vending station and a token is generated. All prepaid meter software must be updated to be STS 2 compliant.”

“The updating of the meter software will configure the meter to accept a token for the new TID values. If the meter software is not updated, the prepaid meters will not accept any token generated after November 2024, which means that the token will be rejected.”

He said any prepaid customers with old credit tokens generated or purchased before November 2024 and not yet entered into the meter before the upgrade will be rejected after upgrading, and no refunds will be issued.

“When a meter is unupgradable, dedicated field service officials will be deployed to visit identified prepaid meters that need to be upgraded. Prepaid meter users will be notified when field service officials are in their areas.”

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