City hosts final ghost hunting tour of the year

Some has reported to having seen the ghost of a child on the chairs of the old council building on Church Square

Some has reported to having seen the ghost of a child on the chairs of the old council building on Church Square

Published Dec 14, 2023


Finding a “ghost” in Pretoria could become a reality as South Africa’s Mystery Ghost Tours will spare no effort to do so during the spirit of the festive season hunt this Saturday.

Of the various cities in which the popular SA’s Mystery Ghost Tours run in the north of the country, Pretoria has not only been chosen for the final tour of the year, but to run as a “Spooktacular” as well.

The special event comprises the normal tour and top paranormal investigators performing their ghost hunting live at selected venues and showing guests what they find.

Also, for the first time in the world, the Ganzfeld method would be used for ghost hunting, which was bound to produce astounding results, Mark Rose-Christie, who runs the tours, said.

Some of the highlights of the tour include the intriguing Erasmus Castle, known to locals as “Die Spookhuis”; the Ou Raadsaal; the city’s most famous poltergeist building on Church Square; and famous graves at Church Street cemetery. These include the graves of Eugene Marais and Paul Kruger.

Rose-Christie said other venues were being kept as a surprise.

The scientific-orientated will also explain the science of the paranormal (para-psychology), where he also performs live demonstrations such as bending your spare or old keys using PK-mind power.

He said that on every tour so far “The Lady In Black” either appeared in the Erasmus Castle’s one window, moved the curtains or both. Many guests had recorded the remarkable incidents.

“We don’t know who she is but she may have been a governess for the Erasmus family’s children. All that we do know for certain is that even grown men run when they see her on our tours.”

The Erasmuskloof castle is said to be haunted.

In addition, guests would be able to use ghost-hunting cellphone apps themselves to detect paranormal activity. SLS camera apps were the most popular, Rose-Christie said.

“At the one venue a well-known playful child ghost often appears by standing on the arms of two chairs, which we have caught on normal cameras but, recently, we also captured a very clear SLS image of the child, which even the sceptics couldn’t believe at first,” he said.

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