City of Tshwane to recoup irregularly spent R246 million from officials

The City of Tshwane logo. Picture: File

The City of Tshwane logo. Picture: File

Published Jun 26, 2024


The City of Tshwane officials implicated in the irregular expenditure amounting to R246 million are in hot water after the municipal public accounts committee (Mpac) called for the funds to be recouped and paid from their pockets.

Committee chairperson Kholofelo Morodi said the tough stance against officials would send a clear message that financial mismanagement will not be tolerated in the municipality.

The irregularly spent millions of rand were flagged by the committee during its review of financial activities in the municipality and interactions with senior officials asked to appear before the committee with a view to accounting for performances in their respective departments.

Morodi said the committee has recommended an irregular expenditure of R246m for the 2023/24 financial year be recovered.

She said reports passed during the committee sessions shed light on irregular expenditures that have occurred over recent fiscal periods.

The reports, she said, highlighted instances where municipal funds were expended without proper authorisation or in violation of established financial protocols.

She said the committee’s decision marked a crucial step in their ongoing efforts to ensure that every rand of public money is spent responsibly and in accordance with laws and regulations.

“The irregular expenditures identified in these reports undermine public trust and detract from the resources available for essential services. By taking decisive action to recover these funds from the officials responsible, we are sending a clear message that financial mismanagement will not be tolerated in the City of Tshwane,” Morodi said.

According to her, the comprehensive reports encompassed a wide range of irregularities, such as procurement processes that bypassed competitive bidding requirements and irregular expenditures incurred without the necessary approvals.

“The committee’s thorough investigation and analysis have been instrumental in identifying these discrepancies and formulating robust recommendations for recovery actions,” Morodi said.

She explained that the recovery process will be conducted in a manner guided by legal frameworks and municipal policies.

“Each identified case will be pursued with due diligence, ensuring that the recovery of funds is executed efficiently and effectively. The officials found responsible for these irregular expenditures will be held accountable in accordance with the law, and appropriate disciplinary measures will be instituted, as necessary,” she said.

The committee, she said, will be engaging with various municipal departments to enhance internal controls and reinforce financial management frameworks. The engagements will also explore ways to provide comprehensive training to officials on compliance and ethical conduct in financial matters.

Morodi said: “The City of Tshwane remains dedicated to serving its residents and ensuring that municipal operations are conducted with the utmost transparency and responsibility. Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to remain engaged and informed about the municipality’s efforts to promote good governance and financial stewardship.”

The committee’s call for officials to be held accountable for irregular expenditure comes a year after it was transformed into a Section 79A committee.

The amendment to functions carried out by Mpac meant it was empowered to summon officials to help with information required to hold accountable those implicated in graft, theft and malfeasance.

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