DA Tshwane Reginal leader Abel Tau Picture: Bongani Shilubane/African News Agency (ANA)
Pretoria - The “capture” plot of some top politicians in the City of Tshwane has thickened after the Hawks disclosed that DA regional leader Abel Tau was not co-operating with the investigation into the GladAfrica scandal.

But Tau, who is also MMC for utility services, denied he was reluctant to work with investigators on the case of crimen injuria against city manager Dr Moeketsi Mosola

Tau opened the case at Brooklyn Police Station on behalf of the ruling party in Tshwane towards the end of last year related to Mosola’s utterance implying the DA was corrupt and his alleged involvement in the GladAfrica tender.

Mosola, on behalf of the City, awarded the contract to GladAfrica in November 2017 to assist in the the roll-out of infrastructure projects valued at R12 billion.

The contract was rendered irregular by the Auditor-General in January.

Hawks spokesperson Hangwani Mulaudzi said the police probe into the saga was in full swing. However, he said the police were worried that the main complainant was not forthcoming and not showing co-operation with the police.

He said the police would not dump the case, but might have to use other laws to make sure that Tau co-operated with them.

He said investigators would soon interview former mayor Solly Msimanga and Mosola in connection with the case.

It has been suggested Mosola has put an albatross around Executive Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa’s neck. However, Mokgalapa denied this, while Tau said that he had not been captured by Mosola.

Tau said: “I saw that statement (that I am captured) and it is unfortunate that people would go to the media and not to me or even follow up with the people who are investigating.

“I have been co-operating with the police to the effect that I was the one following up on the case.”

He said negative statements were made by people who didn’t know him.

“Where there is wrongdoing I will be the first person to jump. It is people who don’t know me who would make such allegations,” he said.

He said he had been in touch with the police and that his last meeting with them was in the second week of January this year.

“I was at the Pretoria Central police station. I gave all the follow-up statements that they needed from me,” he said.

He suggested that his detractors exploited “a political space” to tarnish his reputation.

“These are people’s lives that we are talking about. I feel like I am seriously undermined.”

Regarding the assumption he was captured, he said: “If people start to assume that people are captured, then you ask yourself what informs the assumption.”

He said his accusers wanted him to “behave in a manner that was unprincipled”.

“I want to stick to the letter of the law. Where there is wrongdoing I will be the first to jump, but I will not be made to do wrong things. I am not a populist. “I want to be a principled leader,” he said.

Tau pressed charges against Mosola after he allegedly publicly claimed the DA wanted to loot municipal coffers.

At the time, Tau said the party also wanted the SAPS to investigate Mosola’s alleged contravening of the Municipal Financial Management Act.

He said Mosola acted out of keeping with the Act by interfering in the council-mandated investigation into his alleged involvement in the awarding of a GladAfrica tender.

GladAfrica and the City have announced that they will officially part ways in June.

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