Brent Lindeque. Picture: Supplied
Brent Lindeque. Picture: Supplied

Facebook group SA Covid-19 shares survivors' stories of hope

By Zelda Venter Time of article published Jul 24, 2020

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Pretoria - A story of hope during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the message social media “good news guy” Brent Lindeque wants to convey to those who test positive and their loved ones.

Lindeque, the editor of the online Good Things Guide, is also on a mission to achieve this through tips and stories of others who went through this ordeal.

Lindeque started the Facebook group SA Covid-19 Survivors about a week ago and it already has 3300 followers.

This page is not about doom and gloom; it is to bring the good news stories to people about recoveries. It is also for people to share their experiences and how they managed to deal with the virus.

“If we talk about this openly, we can help each other through it. This page is about giving South Africans hope,” he said.

Lindeque said there were many people who were also afraid when they tested positive, and by sharing these stories, they provide support and hope to each other. Some people think they may have Covid-19 symptoms, but are not sure. They too, seek advice on this Facebook page.

“It is important to be pragmatic during this pandemic. Good news stories of the many recoveries are important to give people hope.”

Lindeque started the page after both his parents - his 59-year-old mother and father, 60, - tested positive for Covid-19.

“I felt sick to my stomach. I cannot lose another parent. I thought I was just not strong enough to face this,” Lindeque said. He lost his biological father about 10 years ago to malaria.

When his parents tested positive for Covid-19, Lindeque wrote in his blog: “And now my two other loves - my parents - had phoned to tell me that they had Covid-19. I have deep fear in the pit of my stomach”.

“People are dying. The news says this thing is deadly. The scientists say that people over 55 are highest at risk. The stats are real. This thing is real. We see it all around us. Gauteng is preparing space for 1million graves just in case.

“And now my parents have it! I haven’t seen them in over 120 days to keep them safe, and now they have it. Does this mean I will never see them again?”

But his parents recovered and he realised there was hope to be shared.

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