Mamelodi-based star tells stories through music

Maria Madiba, also known as Bra Maria. Supplied

Maria Madiba, also known as Bra Maria. Supplied

Published Jun 27, 2024


Tshwane star Maria Madiba, known as Bra Maria, believes music is the only way she can tell stories.

The Limpopo-born artist said she started music when she was 14 years old.

“I was singing at the school choir and at church, and after leaving school I decided to relocate to Mamelodi. That is where I met with Tshepho Ma-Bike and he introduced me to Cain Mokuwe, the manager at Cain aka Sauwe Music Productions,” she said.

Madiba said when she released her first song she faced challenges along the way.

“I was nervous when I was recording my first song in the studio, but my producer, DJ Mabulala, settled me down,” she said.

Speaking to ‘Pretoria News’, Madiba said the stage name “Bra Maria” was given to her because she liked chilling with guys.

“I would chill with guys most of the time and they would call me Bra Maria; that is how I got this name. I decided to go with it because it was also unique in a way,” she added.

She has released her first EP, “Mpulele”, with five tracks. “The EP is available on all digital platforms,” she added.

She said she is excited that she will be sharing the stage with the likes of Ezra and Pleasure Tsa Manyalo on August 9 at club 2010, at the Mogaladi Ezra Birthday Celebration.

Modiba added in the upcoming months she wishes to collaborate with King Monada and Makhadzi because of the the style of music they are doing.

“These two artists are my biggest inspiration and I also wish to share the stage with them when I’m doing gigs,” she added.

Modiba also wished people could can listen to her song “Lerato”.

“In ‘Lerato’, what is really shaking the story behind the song is that in many cases you will find cousins falls in love, not knowing that they are related,” she said.

She added that she sees a bright future in the music industry because it's now easy for artists to exposed their talents through social media platforms.

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