Men, women sing praises of roadside healer of sexual dysfunctions

Mozambican-born Phonyamunda ‘Vuka Vuka’ Sithole is believed to have a solution for men and women who have problems in the bedroom. Picture: James Mahlokwane

Mozambican-born Phonyamunda ‘Vuka Vuka’ Sithole is believed to have a solution for men and women who have problems in the bedroom. Picture: James Mahlokwane

Published Apr 12, 2023


Pretoria - Men and women in Pretoria are singing the praises of the so-called king of erectile dysfunctions, located near the Mabopane Highway (R80).

With sexual health a topic men are gradually starting to be comfortable talking about publicly and admitting when they have problems, voice clips have been circulating on social media about a fascinating spiritual healer and seer in the north of Pretoria.

Men have been recommending Mozambican-born “Vuka Vuka”, whose consultation hut is along Soutpan Road and Mabopane Highway in Soshanguve towards Mabopane, Winterveld and Hammanskraal.

Phonyamunda Sithole, 50, earned the nickname “Vuka Vuka” (Rise and rise) because of his apparent capacity to mix herbs that boost men’s testosterone levels and give them strength and stamina to “rise again and on demand”.

However, it was his location that saw him trending for his healing powers, after he hired someone to erect a ndumba for him near the busy roads, to demonstrate his eagerness to continue working on the side of the road.

From 2014 he was located in Rooiwal. In 2016 he moved to Soshanguve, and had the structure erected recently.

Those who visit this man for guidance and assistance come from all walks of life with all sorts of problems, including strengthening challenged romantic relationships, fighting witchcraft and removing bewitchment.

Some of the services he allegedly provides is giving sex workers herbal medicine to attract more male customers, keeping them coming for more, and encouraging them to spend more money because “they are just too good to let go”.

“Vuka Vuka” said he did not use traditional muti nor throw bones to tell people about their fortunes and misfortunes.

The polygamist told the Pretoria News: “I use a prophetic spirit that I was blessed with since I was young, living in Mozambique.

“When you come to me I do not want you to tell me your problems. You just come in here and sit, and I will tell you all your problems, including the ones that brought you to me.

“Once you have confirmed that I know more about you than you would assume a stranger could know, then I start giving you solutions and telling you where things went wrong. I do not do anything evil here. Even if you are being bewitched, I am a religious man, I will give you a solution and cleanse you, but we are not sending anything harmful ‘back to sender’.

“You cannot come here to get anything to use to harm your lover or your competitors. Here I attract businesspeople from provinces far and wide, and they only get guidance and herbs to strengthen their business. I do not do anything dodgy and discourage that.”

He said he did get people who practise witchcraft coming to take chances with him, but it never ends well for them because he sees them as they are still coming.

“I am an honest man. A person can come here and pay R350 and my spirit can just tell me there is nothing wrong with this person. This person has an ancestral calling and needs to go to a traditional sangoma to be initiated and they will be fine.”

He has also helped people find their stolen cars, he said.

“Sometimes the car would crash and be abandoned, to be found by the police. I also help people struggling to conceive, especially if it is not by natural biological means, but some factors that can be undone.”

One of Vuka Vuka’s clients, Dunisile Mbokodo, said she heard about him from other people – and he came highly recommended.

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