Minenhle Majola, 29, takes helm as president of Africa’s oldest Rotary club

Immediate Past President Gustavo Ololo congratulates his successor, Minentle Majola, on being elected President of the Rotary Club ofJohannesburg for 2024/25. Supplied

Immediate Past President Gustavo Ololo congratulates his successor, Minentle Majola, on being elected President of the Rotary Club ofJohannesburg for 2024/25. Supplied

Published Jul 6, 2024


With youthful energy and a visionary spirit, Minenhle Majola has been inducted as the President of the Rotary Club of Johannesburg, the oldest Rotary Club in Africa.

At just 29 years old, Majola's historic election marks a dynamic shift towards greater diversity, inclusivity, and equity within Rotary International, heralding a new era of leadership for the esteemed organisation.

Durban-born Majola exemplifies the organisation’s commitment to fostering young leadership. He is one of the few young presidents in District D9400, embodying the spirit of renewal and forward-thinking that Rotary seeks to promote.

His induction occurred in a ceremony attended by esteemed Rotarians, community leaders, and honoured guests, marking a new chapter in the club’s illustrious history.

Founded in 1921, the Rotary Club of Johannesburg is the oldest Rotary club in Africa. It is part of Rotary International, a global humanitarian organisation that brings together business and professional leaders to provide community service, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace. Majola's leadership is expected to further these goals, bringing fresh energy and innovative ideas to the club’s longstanding tradition of excellence.

In his induction speech, Majola expressed profound gratitude and excitement for his new role. "It is with great honour and humility that I stand before you today as the incoming President of the Rotary Club of Johannesburg," he said.“

“This club has a rich history of service, dedication, and community engagement, and I am deeply proud to be a part of it."

Majola also took the opportunity to thank his predecessor, Gustave Ololo, for his exceptional leadership and contributions over the past year.

“Under your guidance, we have achieved some great milestones and strengthened our impact on the community," Majola acknowledged.

Reflecting on his leadership style, Majola shared insights from a recent Enneagram test, which revealed him as a Type 7, an enthusiastic visionary. "Rotary is an organisation that thrives on visionary thinking, bold initiatives, and the relentless pursuit of positive change,“ he noted. "It is a space where enthusiasm and vision can flourish and turn our dreams into reality through collective action and shared purpose."

Majola said his priorities for the coming year are expanding local education, healthcare, and economic development initiatives, enhancing bonds within the club and with youth clubs like Rotaract and Interact to drive impactful projects, establishing new corps to extend Rotary’s reach and impact, encouraging innovative and transformative initiatives within the club, and raising awareness about Rotary’s mission and values to inspire greater community involvement.

As he embarks on his presidency, Majola is committed to upholding the Rotary motto, Service Above Self and driving the club towards greater achievements.

"Our mission is clear: to make our community, our city, and our world a better place,“ he declared.

The Rotary Club of Johannesburg, under Majola's leadership, is poised to continue its legacy of service and innovation, inspiring a new generation of Rotarians dedicated to making a positive difference.

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