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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Miracle baby born to elderly parents after two decades of trying

Baby Esther was born from parents in their 50s. Picture: supplied

Baby Esther was born from parents in their 50s. Picture: supplied

Published Dec 13, 2021


Betty Moleya

Pretoria - After two decades of trying to have a baby, Alex Dandadzi and Eleanor Mukura welcomed their baby girl named Esther on November 30 despite their ages.

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Mukura, 52, gave birth to a healthy baby girl at Netcare Pretoria East Hospital. Against all odds, she has proven that you can have a baby in your 50s.

She is a hope to many women who are having difficulties conceiving.

She underwent a number of treatments at the Pretoria Fertility Centre based at the hospital.

“I first became aware of my fertility problems when it was discovered that I had fibroids or growths in my uterus that were preventing me from falling pregnant. Twice I had them removed, and twice they grew back.

“I was on the verge of making a final decision to have my uterus removed when one Sunday morning, I received an unexpected phone call from an old childhood friend who had a similar experience of fibroids removal treatment at Netcare Park Lane Hospital in Joburg,” said Mukura.

“Before the success story, Mukura underwent three lengthy operations to remove the fibroids that had grown back, after which, she began her journey with in vitro fertilisation (IVF),” said Dr Marienus Trouw.

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The couple’s journey was filled with disappointments, failures and hardships, but in the end, it paid off.

“The first procedure was unsuccessful, and the doctor who treated me passed away before we could try again.

“After some time, we were referred to Trouw. However, by this stage, the fibroids had once more grown back, so I had to undergo my fourth fibroid removal before we could continue with IVF treatment. This time it was a success, and we were filled with an incredible sense of hope. However, no sooner had I reached the end of the first trimester when devastatingly, I had a miscarriage. We had come so far and decided to keep on trying.

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“The following two attempts resulted in failure. It was only some years later, on our fifth and final IVF attempt, that I finally fell pregnant with our baby girl, who is now here with us,” said Mukura.

The couple, from Zimbabwe, travelled to South Africa with the hope that one day they would have a child.

They named their baby girl Esther, a biblical name that carries the meaning of a star and a woman of courage.

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Her Shona name is Nyashadzashe, which means grace from God.

“I would never wish for anyone to have to endure such hardship, and I would advise couples not to leave family planning too late as you never know what complications may arise.

The couple thanked Trouw, Sister Lizette White and the rest of the team at Netcare Pretoria East Hospital.

Pieter Louw, general manager at the hospital, said the facility and its staff were honoured to have played a part in this extraordinary success story.

“Each and every couple and individual who visits the fertility centre at our hospital for treatment has a different story to tell.

“It is our privilege to support them, alongside the world-class specialists who practise here, as they navigate what can be a very challenging experience,” he said.

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