Programme encourages physical activity and healthy ageing

Elderly people attending the Active Ageing support programme. Supplied

Elderly people attending the Active Ageing support programme. Supplied

Published May 22, 2024


Priscilla Chana is already seeing the benefits of the Physical Active Ageing Support Programme, launched at the Atteridgeville Community Hall as part of Tshwane District Health Services’ efforts to promote healthy living among the elderly.

She said it has already yielded positive results for her and the other members who joined the group when it began.

Chaba said she was a very forgetful person and would put down a cup of coffee and later struggle to remember where it was.

“Nowadays I rarely forget. I am now able to walk long distances, my blood pressure is also well in control. Since joining this programme, I am active and fit,” she added.

Chaba further said although the early morning exercise sessions were designed to help elders to keep fit and healthy, it has also been good for socialising and keeping their minds active.

“When I went on pension, I started looking for something to keep me busy; when this programme was introduced, I was happy. Most people here are my peers; we understand each other. After exercising we catch-up before going back to our respective homes. I no longer feel stuck alone at home, nor do I feel bored,” she said.

Elders exercising during the physical programme. | Tshwane Health District

The programme is aimed at people older than 60 and focuses on improving their health, promoting active living and preventing and reducing age-related illnesses.

During the launch, health promotion team leader Andani Khomola said “a healthy body is as essential as a healthy mind”, encouraging elderly people to participate in morning exercise on a weekly basis.

“I urge you to attend the sessions from Monday to Wednesday from 9am to 10am,” he said.

He added that exercising is not just good for the body, it's also good for the mind.

“The positive relationship between the two gives us a powerful immune system, more energy and better stress management,” he said.

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