Progressive Student Movement demands ‘framed’ learner’s suspension for carrying a gun at school be lifted

Class room. Picture: Feliphe Schiarolli/Unsplash

Class room. Picture: Feliphe Schiarolli/Unsplash

Published Feb 21, 2024


The Progressive Student Movement (PSM) has threatened to forcefully return to a school in Winterveld a learner who was suspended after he was found in possession of a firearm.

The learner, Kamogelo Mphathi of Nick Mpshe Secondary school, is expected to return to school after his suspension is lifted on February 27.

PSM leader Kabelo Nthekiso yesterday defended the learner, saying he had been framed by someone who had put a gun inside his schoolbag, and therefore he had been “unfairly suspended”.

The learner, Nthekiso said that when he had returned from the school toilets, he had discovered the firearm in his bag.

Nthekiso said the gun had probably been planted by some of the learners classmates whom he described as “hooligans”.

He said the learner had reported the matter to a teacher, with his classmates as witnesses, and had told the gun did not belong to him.

“Despite all evidence at his disposal, Kamogelo was dismissed by virtue of being a PSM member, which has been vocal at the school about learner and teacher relationship cases,” Nthekiso said.

The learner had been targeted by “hooligans who vowed to sabotage the innocent at the expense of hooligans roaming in our schools”.

The movement has threatened to embark on a march to the school if the learner was not allowed to return to class today, Wednesday.

Nthekiso said: “We vow to put all operations on hold and place Kamogelo back in class. He was suspended until February 27, which we believe is unfair. If Nick Mpshe cannot place Kamogelo back into the classroom by Wednesday (today), we will ensure learning and teaching at the school is suspended until he returns to class on February 27.”

He reiterated that his organisation would allow learners to be wrongfully victimised.

“It’s worth noting that Kamogelo attempted to commit suicide as a result of such nonsensical act by the school,” he said.

Yesterday, the community of Klipgat near Mabopane was still up in arms over claims that a learner at Phutha Primary School had committed suicide on Friday after he was allegedly mocked by a teacher who repeatedly told him that he was a fool and would suffer until his death.

On Monday, police were called in to quell the tension after a group of parents had stormed the school to demand the expulsion of a teacher accused of bullying the learner.

The North West Department of Education Elias Malindi has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Nthekiso yesterday warned on a social media platform: “The incident that happened at Phutha Primary School is very unfortunate and it's bound to happen at Nick Mpshe Secondary if drastic measures are not taken soonest.”

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