Public warned about fake bursaries and jobs advertisements

Job scam alert

Job scam alert

Published Jun 20, 2024


A fake advertisement has been circulating on the “Youth Opportunities Hub” website encouraging people to enrol at a Gauteng College of Nursing in 2024 to obtain a Diploma in Nursing.

Gauteng Department of Health spokesperson Motalatale Modiba, said it has issued an alert to residents regarding an online advertisement offering jobs and bursaries in the website.

“We wishe to warn the public of the continuing emergence of fake job, internship and bursary advertisements that are aimed at exploiting the desperate socio-economic conditions of many people who are in the job market,” he said.

Modiba said the department does not advertise bursaries and vacancies on any platform except through official platforms such as the Gauteng Online portal, Department of Public Service and Administration circular which is published on its website, official departmental social media platforms and mainstream media.

Early this year, the department warned residents of another scam about a dubious text message inviting people to “interviews” at Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria.

He said that the public should remain vigilant as some of these fake bursary and job advertisements ask applicants to pay an amount of money in exchange for consideration or promise the public that they will be paid thousands of rands in a form of a stipend.

He also urged the public to not fall prey to these bogus adverts.

“Those behind these fake opportunities know that when people are desperate, they let their guard down, the Gauteng college of Nursing campus has not yet advertised nursing training opportunities for the 2025 intake,” he added.

Modiba said the department will never ask people to pay for study bursary, internships or job opportunities within the department.

“The minute you are asked to pay something that is a clear indication that this is a bogus opportunity these should be reported to the police, no money is required to apply for jobs and bursaries in the public service,” he said.

He added that, the public should always be cautious and verify the job and bursary advertisements posted on social media platforms against those posted on the department’s official websites.

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