Limpopo music sensation Pushie Da Tall. Picture: Supplied
Limpopo music sensation Pushie Da Tall. Picture: Supplied

‘Pushie Da Tall’ pushes her music boundaries to the sky

By Mashudu Sadike Time of article published Nov 22, 2021

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Pretoria - Music sensation Pushie Tshimangadzo Manavhela, known as “Pushie Da Tall”, has big dreams for the music industry.

The 36-year-old songwriter and vocalist dreams of growing her brand to the extent of having her own music school for upcoming young people who are aspiring to be in the competitive music industry.

Born and bred in the village of Phalama in Venda, Limpopo the vocalist came to stardom when she teamed up with DJ Givergivero to cook up the hit Mufunwa, which reached national heights last year.

“I grew up listening to my mother; she used to sing at church and that built the love of music, and since then I told myself I want to get into the music industry one day.

“I started singing at church at a very young age and my late brother told me I could be a great singer … until last year when I decided to reach out to Dj Givergivero, who gave me a chance and we did a song together, Mufunwa, the song that made me a star that I am today.

“My dream is to start a music school for young people who want to be in my shoes one day. We need to nurture talent to grow the industry,” Pushie said.

Despite having made many national hits like Mufunwa, Crazy in Love, Tshikete Levhu, Ndo Neta and Ndo Vhona which gets airplay on national radio stations, Pushie has just realised another dream of working with renowned Afrohouse musician DJ Edit SA on one of the stand-out singles from his upcoming Afro Storm EP

“Working with DJ Edit SA was a huge and exciting moment for me. He is a great DJ and producer. I’ve wished to work with him for a long time. I’ve finally reached that milestone and we have a banger coming soon on his EP on the November 26. The track is titled Ndono Lenga, Venda for ’delayed’ or ’too late’.

“It’s about a person regretting after taking a rush decision and breaking off a relationship without all the facts, and by the time they found out the real truth, it is already too late.

“People feed others lies just to cause divisions in your relationship. So the song motivates not to listen to naysayers.”

The singer and songwriter describes herself as a music lover who believes in music, very passionate about her craft, and a person who believes that music brings people together.

“I deliver my message to the people through music.”

She said she would be releasing her EP later this month, under Venda Entertainment Group.

“I would say music chose me; I had a gut to get into this industry because I believe in myself and my craft. So for me, doing what I love most doesn’t only build me as a person, but witnessing people enjoying my music and especially the message I stand for is exciting,” Pushie says.

“The music continues … my promise to people is that I’ll be working on more music.”

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