South African National Defence Force members gathered to commemorate the World Aids Day. Picture: James Mahlokwane
Pretoria -  Hundreds of members of the South African National Defence Force gathered at the Pretoria Military Sports Club in Thaba Tshwane to commemorate the World AIDS Day.

The crowd representing all forces of the country's defence met early in the morning to participate in a five kilometres walk Thaba Tshwane before the heat of the sun became intense.

The SANDF decided to host this annual awareness campaign to educate and unveil an opportunity for the public to learn more about this pandemic. 

The South African Military Health Services, being the custodian of healthcare in the Department of Defence, was trusted to host and facilitate the commemoration under the theme: Know Your Status.

Picture: James Mahlokwane
Soldiers came back from the march and began consulting various healthcare practitioners and experts who set up stalls in the sport ground’s lawns.

The SANDF viewed this initiative as part of its efforts to rally behind government's efforts in the curbing of this pandemic that killed millions of people. 

Picture: James Mahlokwane
People who are exhausting this opportunity will spend the day enjoying and or participating in various sporting activities. 

Healthcare workers including medical doctors, social workers, nurses, psychologists will give people health advise and examination.

Picture: James Mahlokwane
SANDF surgeon general lieutenant-general Dr Aubrey Sedibe and South African Medical Health Services honorary colonel Dr Victor Ramathesele will address the group.

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