‘Super granny’ Dawn Ivings who survived Covid-19 at its height not afraid of another bout

Dawn Ivings survived Covid-19 at its height in 2020. Picture: Supplied

Dawn Ivings survived Covid-19 at its height in 2020. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 13, 2023


Pretoria - While there is talk about a new Covid-19 variant making the rounds, “super granny” Dawn Ivings, who survived Covid-19 at its height in 2020, is not afraid.

She has had her two vaccinations as well as her booster shot.

The Pretoria News reported on Ivings when the now 86-year-old fought the virus for five weeks in hospital and survived against all odds.

She made the news when she left the hospital in her Superman cape and was the hero of her friends at her Krugersdorp retirement home.

Dawn Ivings leaving the hospital after battling Covid-19 for five weeks in 2020. Picture: Supplied

Catching up with her, Ivings said she was doing “just fine.”

While she cannot remember much of her time in hospital – most of it in ICU – Ivings said she did recall leaving the hospital in her new red cape, made for her by one of her daughters.

Her recovery was said to be remarkable, as Ivings suffered from several comorbidities – lifelong asthma and emphysema – both of which experts have consistently warned are especially deadly for those who contract Covid-19.

While she has only one lung and is dependent on an oxygen tank, Ivings said she did not fear another bout of the virus.

“I heard on the radio that it might be back, double as fierce, but this time I am ready. But as I had my injections and because I had it previously, it may not hit me as bad this time if I get it.”

According to Ivings, the problem in 2020 was that she had contracted Covid-19 before she had her shots.

She joked that her one wish was that she could get another lung, so she could take up smoking again. Ivings said she had smoked since she was 16, up to the age of 81, when her doctor told her to quit.

Her daughter, Diane Ivings, said they would forever be grateful for the doctors who, in 2020, took incredible care of their mother and kept them in the loop daily.

“We really believe that they saved mom’s life with their immediate action of putting her on steroids, high-flow oxygen, antibiotics and a special concoction of vitamins.

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