Young entrepreneur Mpumelelo Mahlangu from Soshanguve is set to launch his laptop. Picture: Thobile Mathonsi African News Agency (ANA)
Young entrepreneur Mpumelelo Mahlangu from Soshanguve is set to launch his laptop. Picture: Thobile Mathonsi African News Agency (ANA)

Tech-savvy Mpumelelo Mahlangu’s innovative laptop for young people

By Goitsemang Tlhabye Time of article published May 17, 2021

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Pretoria - Aspiring entrepreneur Mpumelelo Mahlangu from Soshanguve will be making his mark in the telecoms industry with the introduction of his own affordable laptop.

Mahlangu, 27, said the idea to create a local and affordable laptop for the youth in particular to use, dawned on him during level 3 of the national lockdown.

He said with things moving more to e-learning and the online markets, he thought the youth still looking for education and work opportunities would be in need of something like this to help keep them connected.

“Growing up and being raised by my elderly grandparents meant that having something like a laptop was a luxury that we could not afford, and I know that many young people coming from a poor background share a similar experience.

“So, for me, the main thing was to create a tool that was more accessible to our generation, with features to assist them at a much cheaper price.”

However, he said getting his business going was not without its fair share of challenges, such as getting investors and even finding the right specifications for the laptop.

Despite this, Mahlangu said he decided to push forward as he did not want his background to limit him from making a mark and pushing other youngsters to reach for their dreams too.

“In most cases we end up judging and limiting ourselves due to our background, and I wanted to shy away from that because whatever you think and say with your mouth will come to pass.

“No one will invest in a person who has not invested or is (not) willing to sacrifice for their own business so I urge others that even if it means selling sweets on the (street) corner to fund your business, do that and investors will follow.”

Mahlangu said although he was still waiting for approval for licensing from the Independent Communication Authority of South Africa, the ultimate aim was to build an electronics brand that would be able to compete against foreign-owned brands.

He also wanted to ensure that the laptop would be manufactured and serviced in South Africa to increase employment as he would be looking at an initiative to empower other youths to diagnose problems and fix laptops.

The laptop is named DTC400 and offers 64GB storage space, 128GB dual hard drive, SSD port, 14inch Screen, 400mah Battery and 6GB RAM.

For now, it will be sold exclusively online for R4 999, with the business to look at having a physical shop following discussions with investors, Mahlangu added.

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