A man stirs a steaming hot pot. People are being advised by the Tshwane ANC youth league to inhale steam to fight the coronavirus. Picture: Pexels
A man stirs a steaming hot pot. People are being advised by the Tshwane ANC youth league to inhale steam to fight the coronavirus. Picture: Pexels

Tshwane ANC youth league say inhale steam, eat beetroot, garlic to fight coronavirus

By Rapula Moatshe Time of article published Jan 13, 2021

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Pretoria – The ANC youth league in Tshwane has embarked on a campaign to encourage people to steam themselves using hot water three times a day in a bid to fight off the potential risk of being killed by the coronavirus.

Through what was dubbed “the steaming campaign”, the league also called for people to improve their nutrition by consuming vegetables such as beetroot and garlic to boost their immune system.

League secretary Ratshi Mashamba said the promotion of good diet in fighting diseases was drawn from the teachings of the late health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang.

"Remember that she was once advocating for the importance of a good diet in fighting any disease, including chronic diseases. We are just honouring her memory. We are arguing that in any battle what you take in matters," Mashamba said.

Tshabalala-Msimang was constantly criticised for promoting nutrition ahead of antiretroviral drugs.

Regarding steaming, he said it was an indigenous practice, which should be adopted as part of the battle against the invisible enemy called Covid-19.

People usually pour boiled water in a bucket or bath and then inhale the steam.

"Steaming is very important. Not that we are against the democratic government, but you would have seen how the World Health Organisation (WHO) is streamlining communication and they are not for indigenous suggestions.

"Most patients are arguing that steaming is helping them, and so we are encouraging those who have not yet been infected to make it a habit and to steam three times a day," he said.

According to him, the coronavirus infection was usually detected in people a few days after they had contracted it.

"What we are picking up is that if you continuously steam and improve your nutrition you can make sure that the disease doesn't get to be embedded in your system. There are high chances of weakening the coronavirus before it gets embedded in your body," he said.

He cited that a country like China had minimal cases of Covid-19 even before the advent of the vaccine.

"It is not like they vaccinated 1.4 billion residents. They are using other means outside what WHO is pronouncing; their indigenous means," he said.

The steaming campaign was primarily run on social media because it was deemed to be an effective medium for disseminating information.

Mashamba said the league had received positive feedback from residents, who said steaming was working for them.

"We are not saying it is the silver bullet but it is part of the suggestions we are proposing," he said.

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