CHIEF Khoisan SA, leader of the Khoisan group camping at the Union Buildings waiting to speak to President Cyril Ramaphosa, says they are being denied their freedom. Jacques Naude African News Agency (ANA)
Pretoria - Today marks the end of Freedom Month, but there has not been anything to celebrate for the Khoisan men camped at the Union Buildings.

Group leader Chief Khoisan SA said despite Freedom Month and Freedom Day commemorations on Saturday, they were still on a mission to request an audience with President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“Freedom Day in particular reminded us of how unfair the government is. We did not have anything to celebrate, instead we spent the day debating about the rights we have and those we are being denied.”

For five months now, the group has failed to get the attention of the president to discuss the demands previously presented to government.

As part of the demands, they want the Khoisan to be recognised as the first nation of the country and their language made official. They also want land, in addition to the scrapping of the Land Claims Act.

The Khoisan said they found themselves, 25 years into democracy, being labelled coloured.

“So the question posed to me on if I am free or if I can call the 25 years of freedom freedom, I can answer by saying no.

“Freedom does not mean I did not have a house and now I have it. It means that everyone has a chance to be equal, and it should not be about colour. We find ourselves at the back line fighting for what is rightfully ours.”

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