The time has now come that we take a stand against these brutal crimes.


1. We as a country, government and the public must now stop saying “where is our country going to?”.

2. We must take a stand and do something positive.

3. The justice system must change, otherwise it would seem that criminals are protected.

4. Rapists are let loose without being charged, because of lack of evidence and witnesses.

5. The Justice Department should impose minimum sentences for rape of 20 years without the option of parole, let alone bail.

I also think the rallying won’t help if the government won’t change the laws to be much stricter as suggested above.

I am prepared to assist with anything that will make our voices heard to change the laws. Let us take this case as a challenge to all of us to see if the government will change the laws.

In this case the victim died, now they will say there is not enough evidence and the case will be struck off the roll.

Let us stand together as one to stop this.

Kevin du Plooy, Pretoria North