Our beautiful South Africa is overrun by a pandemic of rape and murder.

How much more must we endure?

The hurt and pain experienced by those affected must be indescribable.

I am calling on all citizens of South Africa to make their voice heard by signing the online petition at the following link: www.ipetitions.com-/petition/institute-the-death-penalty/signatures.

The frightening issue is that there is so much crime that we are desensitised by it and accept it as part of of our daily lives.

It is time to awaken from this slumber and to insist from the government that we can no more accept this abomination that pervades our lives as a society.

The only justice for rape and murder is the death penalty. If you do the abomination then face the outcome.

We need as many people as possible to sign the petition.

I have set the target for signatures at 20 million. I hope I am wrong – we need more.

George Sieraha, Cape Town