I frequently read statements from the SA government that it “supports a two-state solution with two people living side by side in safe and secure borders”.

Now a different picture has been printed in black and white.

Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Ebrahim Ebrahim has drawn his hatred for Israel into the government and used it to gain publicity by abusing his position for a personal agenda.

And for the public, it appears the government has one stance while the party has a different one.

If anyone wants to travel to Israel, what right have you to dissuade them? Let them see for themselves.

Israel does not want to hide anything. What do you fear they may see when in Israel? Could it be that they may see the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

You have taken it upon yourself to discourage Christians from visiting the holy city of Jerusalem. That is not your job, nor should it be your decision. Allow people to make up their own minds – don’t think for the populace.

Julie Berman, director: SA Zionist Federation

Cape Council

Cape Town