People look at the results of the South Africa's fifth democratic general election. Picture: Mujahid Safodien

I love South Africa. But these elections have confirmed my fears, I have no future here, says Lolly Winter.

Pretoria - It is with great sadness that I write this to all, addressing the obvious that is being disregarded and ignored.

The elections were meant to bring change and make the ruling party wake up and smell the roses. Why are our needs and demands seen as below those in government?

I have dreams as does everyone.

You may be aspiring to open a business, travel and see the world, or purchase a new car you have been eying – but for me, I have hopes for our country and her people.

I know that world peace is a fallacy; but it remains something to strive towards, an ideal that is not won by killing those opposing you. How are we meant to work together; how are we meant to live out ubuntu if we aren’t given the platform to understand one another?

This is no longer a race issue – 20 years later and I am still seen as the enemy, a 21-year-old white woman. How is that fair?

Why are we indoctrinated to believe that we owe each other something other than respect? This is not the way forward.

Ballots were found on ANC property even before the elections took place – how is this fair and morally correct? How can we expect citizens to be honest and ethical when our leaders cannot find it in themselves to lead by example?

The Independent Electoral Commission was found with more suspicious ballots on the day of the counting – how can it be seen as independent when it cannot be trusted with our freedom to choose our government? I had so much hope for these elections but in a moment it was shattered.

The tally should be so close that if the chosen party does not deliver, come next elections it will be given the boot.

I am not saying I want the opposition to rule for the next 20 years – that isn’t how a democracy is meant to work.

I want to be inspired by the people leading me; what I do not want is someone who makes me want to flee this country to find a better life elsewhere.

I love South Africa it is as plain and simple as that. But these elections have confirmed my fears, I have no future here.

Animal Farm written by George Orwell describes the situation as it was in Russia a few years back – communism.

The pigs took leadership as they saw themselves as smarter. This started off well with good intentions, but later the pigs started brainwashing the masses, taking the fruit of all the hard work for themselves, cheating their “comrades” and ultimately betraying the rest of the animals.

I see South Africa moving towards this. We have a rich country – why are we not enriching the people?

What can I do to help? Voting does not make any difference, launching yet another party will only make this worse, and speaking my mind would make a few people nod or shake their heads but that is where it would stay. We all need an opportunity to live happily and safely. How is this possible when citizens are seen as vermin? We need change. Inspire us; make us passionate about our country and we will show you just how great we really are.

Lolly Winter, Sinoville

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