I wish to comment on Abbey Makoe’s article “A party that needs to be saved from itself” (Pretoria News, July 26) wherein the woes, corruption, ineptness and even murder in the ANC are set out.

Further, Makoe contends that the ANC’s saviour is that “there has been no credible alternative to it”.

Firstly: the headline should rather have been “South Africa needs to be saved from the party” in view of his litany of woes and of which the public can no longer be in doubt.

Secondly: one would have expected a thoughtful look at the needed alternatives, particularly in view of his peroration of the ANC’s perniciousness!

To merely state, “The only party that has shown growth is the DA which many black people shun for historical reasons,” begs the question whether this should still be relevant today and whether it is justified.

Responsible commentators should surely, in the interests of our country, try and move voters from knee-jerk “historical reasons” to take reasoned hard consideration of current alternatives. The past, while it should not forgotten, should not hinder the present and future.

The DA of today is a far cry from the DA of the past when opposition was its forte.

Today the party is also a party of government and transformed in terms of its leadership and composition and growth.

The march on Cosatu’s offices and the launch of it’s 8 percent growth and jobs campaign at Freedom Park on Sunday 29th, carried live on TV, is testimony thereof.

A serious look and analysis by Mr Makoe of the real as opposed to the perceived alternative would be in the interests of readers.

Les Labuschagne, DA