Julius Malema’s remark that he “will be back in the ANC when Zuma is toppled in Mangaung” makes for some interesting reading.

It is an open secret now that Kgalema Motlanthe will contest the hot seat at the ANC’s December conference in Mangaung. It is also no secret that lobbying for Motlanthe is in full swing by cabinet ministers and especially by Juju and what’s left of the ANC Youth League.

The question is, if Motlanthe wins, and many of us hope he does, what will it mean for Juju specifically? Will he be reinstated? If so, in what capacity?

As much as Juju is a good lobbyist who makes the right noises at the right time that can benefit many a politician, he can also be a pain where you don’t need it. Politics is a dirty game and, as they say, you need to toe the line, not cross it. The consequences for crossing the line is usually political suicide.

If Motlanthe wins, Juju will become a hot potato, extremely difficult to handle. Reinstatement into the ANC will give him carte blanche to do as he pleases. He will demand a position, preferably a powerful one in Limpopo – in charge of tenders.

That will have the DA and other parties swooping on Limpopo to scrutinise every cent spent in the province.

Remember one former deputy minister of health? She was a “rebel” who defied the “close to Mbeki” Manto Tshabalala-Msimang and was seen as a hero, because Mbeki’s popularity was on the decline and vultures were planning his downfall in Limpopo.

Many believed she would be the minister of health when Mbeki was toppled. But she was not as she was seen as “not toeing the line”. Failure to toe the line was her downfall. Will Juju be satisfied with an ambassador’s position in Babetikosweti or Timbuktu?

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