It surprises me that we are shocked at the number of rapes.

This is strange if not hypocritical if we reflect on the lifestyle of our young girls and women.

The fundamental or core cause of this heinous crime can be found in the way or manner in which our women dress up – revealing miniskirts and at most times scantily dressed.

This provokes the sensual desire in men.

Miniskirts are a sexual harassment to men, perpetrated by women.

We must remember that miniskirts are the cheapest and most successful form of sexual harassment on men.

Little wonder that women who dress up in miniskirts are perceived by men as of low morals.

This leads men to think lowly of them and to handle them as they wish, resulting in rapes.

It is about time that parents started taking responsibility to ensure that their daughters are at all times dressed gracefully and respectfully to protect themselves from lewd men.

If the government, concerned organisations and society are serious about fighting rape, the miniskirt should be banned.

If not, the rape plaque engulfing the world will continue progressing in leaps and bounds.

Hoosein Gafoor (Sadam), Laudium