I believe congratulations are in order for a young woman who has not only made those close to her so proud, but the nation as well.

This woman brings a joyous yet tearful end to Women’s Month as she ends her swimming career just days before the end of the London Paralympics.

She is courageous and does not let circumstances let her down. The woman I am referring to is Natalie du Toit.

I respect this kind of woman and she deserves to go into history as one of true courage and boldness.

She competed in both the Olympics and Paralympics, and as if that is not enough to make one’s jaw drop, she won a score of medals for SA.

I believe many of us could learn from her fighting spirit and live life to the fullest by realising our own potential and toning it to the best of our abilities.

Her journey in life, from all I have read, is an example that we as women should follow.

Although sometimes life may knock you down, it is okay to cry, it is okay to feel defeated and uncertain for a moment but what matters is the end result.

The most important is to acknowledge that life is not without chains of challenges and obstacles, they are there to help us grow in strength and wisdom.

I wish her well in her future endeavours; may SA breed more women of her calibre and courage.

Khuleka Mbanjwa, Pretoria