If Deputy ministers Ebrahim Ebrahim and Marius Fransman are pursuing foreign policy agendas in defiance of official government policy, they need to be made to resign.

If they are pursuing government policy, then they and the government need to explain the breach of their non-interference policy in the internal affairs of sovereign states.

They also need to explain why their venom is directed at one state, Israel.

Ebrahim tried to justify his precipitous action on the grounds that the conflict between Israel and the Arabs has endured for so long with no resolution.

This victimisation of Israel must stop. It is a daily feature of life in SA.

At our universities, Israelis are boycotted. Even Israeli universities are boycotted – not universities from the occupied territories, but universities in the centre of Israel.

The Israeli ambassador cannot speak at university campuses.

Where there is no academic freedom, and our youth are not free to exchange ideas freely, there is no hope.

Ben Levitas, chairman: SA Zionist Federation

Cape Council

Cape Town